We Are Looking for Fashion&Wedding Bloggers!

Are you crazy for fashion? Are you those kinds of people who are always lack of a dress in the closet? If yes, you are just the one we are looking for! Contact us via david@topwedding.com to have a brief introduction of yourself now, and welcome to Topwedding Fashion Blogger Program!


What you could Get If to Be Involved in Topwedding Blogger Program:

It depends on the quality blogs or social networks you have. You could get every month’s gift card about $200 at most for the whole year (a total of $2400) or one dress at least.


Qualification to become a member of Topwedding Fashion Blogger Program:

-Established Blogger or a "power user and opinion leader" on Facebook or Lookbook or other fashion blog communities (Fashiolista, Blogher, and so on).

-Female, Aging 16-49

-Your blog is active and at least have over 1000 members or subscribers, and also you have a social network of more than 4000 fans (twitter is not included)

-Love fashion trend and could catch up with the latest fashion trend

If you do not have those qualifications but you think you surely are an opinion leader, you could also have a try.


What You Should Do As a Topwedding Blogger Program Member:

  • 1.Sign up at Topwedding.com(so we could give the gift cards to you) and like our Facebook page:www.facebook.com/officialtopwedding;
  • 2.Put the banner and text description on your personal blogs and your social networks(we could talk about the style to suit your blogs or social networks best);
  • 3.Post a post(about 300 words, any theme you could choose) to your readers about Topwedding;
  • 4.Write a review with at least 4 photos in 7 days each time you get our product and submit it to your blogs and social networks;
  • 5.Help us to spread our promotions each season.

(All Posted photos, articles and comments should contain links to Topwedding's homepage, category pages, or product's page.

Topwedding reserves the right to collect photos and/or posts from our member of Topwedding Fashion Blogger Program, and repost these items on our Facebook Homepage.)


How to Become A member of Topwedding Fashion Blogger Program:

Please write an email to us via david@topwedding.com include those contents:

  • 1.The Urls of your blogs and social networks;
  • 2.Unique visitors per day to your blogs and the number of fans of your social networks;

Your application will be approved by Topwedding Fashion Blogger Program Team in 1-3 days if you meet the conditions.

Join us now!